Can I get something better?

Alex is sleeping in and I kind of broke in to the computer. I just looked in the bedroom and Alex is sleeping like a baby. Both as the expression and as the way she is sleeping. At her stomach with the butt up in the air. And I thought to myself; is this it? is she the one? can I get someone better?

The answer is no. I can’t. To me, she is perfect.

Everyday is better than the day before. Everybody say so when they are in love, but this is a first for me.
I love the way she laughs. And that she laughs all the time. I love her smarts, her brain. Her body. Her will of living life. Both in the spontaeous way, she never says no and is always willing to try new things both her and others ideas. But also in that thoughtful way, she reflects about life and herself. She knows what she wants. I love that.

Now I miss her too much (cheese huh?), have to go and wake her up.
Hope you’ll have a nice day!

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